Sh. S.N. Agrawal
M.Sc. (Chemistry) Retd.Prinipal

I am immensely delighted and proud to be a part of Vishal Inter College. I sincerely appreciate the combined effort of the Principal and teachers in providing avenues to our students to satiate their thirst for knowledge. Meandering through many ups and downs this institution has carved a niche for itself in the City of Khatauli in providing quality education to its pupils since its inception.

The aim of education is not merely to acquire much information. The true education aims at all round development of a being . We should not forget that man is not a single being as he thinks to be, unless, of course, he is fully integrated within himself which is the final aim and product of an assiduous process of education. I hope everyone associated with the school will always strive to work in a direction so as to maintain the high standard of

Welcome to the Saraswati Vidya Mandir’s website. VISHAL SCHOOL School aspires to “Empower all Students to Succeed in their World.” VISHAL SCHOOL offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, athletic programs, performing arts & musical programs with various clubs and activities.

It is our belief that high school should be “The Experience of a Lifetime.” In many cases the high school experience sets the stage for successes later in life and provides a lifetime of positive memories for our students. We encourage your child to become involved and engaged outside of the classroom. It will enhance their high school experience.

As the very proud Sanchalika of this academically selective state Inter college with a well-respected history of providing exceptional educational outcomes and opportunities for gifted and talented young children women since 1978, I warmly welcome you to the website of Vishal Inter college. 

In the words of Dalai Lama, "When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”. As the instructional leader of Vishal Inter college, we focus on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents and the magic lying dormant inside all of its students. From academics to co-curricular activities, perseverance and a never-say-die spirit are entrenched in the heart of every student not only making them good students but brilliant human beings. In today’s dynamic world, a 360 degree development and grooming is of supreme importance and through our campus we are creating an environment for future leaders, entrepreneurs and professional who possess skills and aptitudes in an array of functional disciplines.

I am positive that in times to come we will continue this journey with elevated enthusiasm and persistently provide a platform of holistic learning to the young generation of learners.

And as the cliché goes, last but not the least, I expect all my children to focus on their cherished goals and strive hard to accomplish them transcending mediocrity and procrastination.

You are indeed blessed to find an opportunity to get education at one of the best colleges of Khatauli. This is my firm belief that the rich values and traditions imbibed here would carry you to greater heights. With  blessing and warm wishes

Smt. Sharda Agrawal
(M.A., B.Ed., E.L.T.I.)

Smt Sangeeta Agrawal
(, B.Ed.)

Vishal Inter college is proud of our continual goal of providing an excellent education for our students. You will find our instructors available to assist your child in achieving their goals. We have dynamic, hardworking well experienced faculties who are involved in education to benefit your child.

VISHAL SCHOOL is proud of its commitment to technology with computers and smart classes in the school available to help students and staff. We are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of technology providing a more efficient building, increased communication, and most importantly, preparing our students for the fast-paced world they will face.

This website serves to assist you to become acquainted with our school and the many activities which take place. Please use the site to view examples of student work, dates of upcoming events, and general information.Please enjoy navigating our website and enjoy your child’s high school experience.